Benalla Storm

Benalla Storm

Friday, August 12, 2011


Last night the Italians had us over to their camp site for dinner. Not surprisingly we had pasta. It was delicious of course.  They also had some authentic parmiagano cheese that I quite liked.

Today the weather does not look very good.  There is a rainbow sitting on the horizon at the moment.  We expect the day to be cancelled at some point but we are gridding and are waiting to wait.


  1. Can you get the pasta recipe and bring home some of the cheese?

  2. Hi Chris and Selena,

    I'm a pilot from Argentina, and have been following some of the team forums for the JWGC. I have to admit yours is one of the best! Your posts make us feel like we are camping at Musbach!

    Please send greetings to Elena and Claudio! We met in a Regional Contest here in 2009! (and we landed out in the same field too...)

    I've heard weather is improving at last. Good climbs and fun flying!