Benalla Storm

Benalla Storm

Friday, August 19, 2011

Day 8 Cancelled, Contest is over!!!

Selena was on the front of the grid today.  The weather did not look promising but the organizers wanted to wait as long as possible to allow the club class to get another day.  Tim Kuijpers from the Netherlands had only a small lead in front of the two German pilots.  The sniffer, Brian Spreckley, did not take off until one o'clock and kept delaying first launch.  A storm started growing just to the south of us and we felt a few drops but Brian still stayed up.  Shortly after the storm passed Brian was forced down and shortly after that the day was cancelled for both classes.  The Dutch camp was very excited for their victory.  Below is a photo of Tim being thrown into the Swiss pool.  Tim is a very friendly fellow and there were many people going up to congratulate him.  Tonight is the last night party and many people are getting ready for it.  There are many visitors here just for the party including our friend Jonas who is staying in our caravan.
The storm to the south
Tim from Holland in the pool

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