Benalla Storm

Benalla Storm

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

JG - Contest Day 2

Tuesday, December 14.

We were launched under slightly marginal conditions and increasingly strong winds. Once in the air the task was modified and set as a 1.5 hour task with a nominal of 155km. I flew the first leg across the wind with a few other gliders in sight. The second leg I managed to fly a relatively good section of good lift over a line of trees. My tactical error of the day was following this line too far and I ended up heading home too late finishing 21 minutes over time. Despite this I still finished with one of my fastest raw speeds ever, 94kph. This was enough for me to finish 6th on the day.

JoeyGlide isn't just about flying. There is a really good group of talented young pilots here. Evenings are filled with plenty of jokes and laughter. One of the best things is that people aren't afraid to talk about their tactics and theories. This is incredibly helpful, especially to pilots who have lower levels of experience. Some of the pilots here have 900+ hours in comparison to my 150. In good old Aussie form there is also usually an evening cricket match played.

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