Benalla Storm

Benalla Storm

Thursday, June 19, 2014

Back in the glider seat!

Well, my season is off to a late start, but I am excited to say that I will be getting back into a glider in the next few days! I am planning to continue blogging the exciting flights and happenings at the airport(s) I get out to. This blog will be filled with stellar stories and photos in the coming weeks.

The Canadian National Soaring Competition starts on Monday and I will try to keep posted with details from the contest as much as I can. June 23&24 are the official practise days, with the contest running from June 25 - July 4. Full information, photos, and scores for the contest can be found at

I am registered to fly in Club Class and have been given a Junior (SZD 51-1) from the SOSA Gliding Club to fly for the contest. I am lucky enough to have the lovely Lynne Gough crewing for me, with guest appearances from my amazing glider-wives-duo Alec Shaw and Max Baru.

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