Benalla Storm

Benalla Storm

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Turning my World Upside Down

One friend I made in Benalla just happens to be one of the most amazing aerobatics pilots in Germany.  This summer David Friedrich will be representing at the Advanced Class Worlds in Poland.  One night I managed to convince him to take me for a flight!  Not only was it incredibly beautiful, but it was also a great learning experience!  It was also really neat to see another side of what amazing things people can do in a glider.  David was intent that this flight would not only be a fun ride for me, but also a great learning opportunity.  He drew out the pattern we would fly, explained to me all of the sequences, and ran me through the typical pre-flight preparation that an aerobatics pilot does.  Tres cool.  Then we took our launch to 5000'.  I think the pictures and video can better tell the story than I can in words from here...

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  1. Selena, I am jealous of your life. So jealous. I love this and I am soo happy for you that you get to experience all of this stuff! :)
    (my dad is always telling me good things about you too!)